Why Use Prepaid Cards Instead of Debit Cards ?

Prepaid CardDebit cards and Prepaid cards are two most commonly used daily life Banking instruments. Everyone who has a Bank account is likely to carry a debit card in his/her pocket nowadays. Credit cards are also popular in metro cities but not so common in smaller cities and towns of India.

Anyway, in this article we’ve to talk on prepaid cards and debit cards. Prepaid cards and Debit cards works the same as far as their use is concerned but if you think about security, you’ll sure like using  prepaid cards for your shopping. Let’s understand it.

A Debit card is a card which is directly linked to your Bank account so if you lose it or get its credentials leaked, you put your whole account  money on risk. Anybody who gets access to your card and pin can easily empty your account balance before you realize.

While a prepaid card comes with a limit and it is not directly linked to your main account. Before spending via a prepaid card, you need to load money credits into it. Think just like you recharge your prepaid mobile with a balance.

So, in case somebody stole your prepaid card, the only money on the risk will the money that is remained in your prepaid card. Your main Bank account balance will remain safe and secure.

Prepaid cards are  good for everyone however, very useful for older citizens and children who are more prone to be cheated by malicious people.

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