Use Q&A Websites to Get Answers of Your Questions

There are infinite questions, and so the answers. Everyday, depending on your circumstances, many questions raise in your mind and you want those questions answered. You log on to the internet with your queries and try to find suitable solutions. If you have a question that can be well interpreted through the keywords you choose to put in Google, you’re much likely to find the right solution for your problem. But, sometimes you find yourself unable to figure out  the right  keywords for your problem. What to do when you try to get your answers with poorly guessed keyword combinations, and Google results you get seems miles away from the desired information.

Why you should use Q&A website for your questions ?

So when your desired information can not be googled, or when you want a specific solution to your problem, QA sites (Question and Answers websites) may prove a great help to you. You can post your questions on QA sites and  get answers by real peoples. Many famous QA sites have a large user base of volunteer users who feel pleasure in helping others. If you have knowledge on any subject or topic, you too can help others by answering their questions.

Here I am listing some most commonly used Q & A websites of the world, which are not in any particular order –

1. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers  is the most popular and probably the biggest QA site of the world. You can browse Questions and Answers by choosing the categories  or  perform a search. To ask or answer a question, you can use your existing Yahoo account to sign-in to the website or create a new one if you don’t have one. Depending on the difficulty level of your question, you can hope for an answer much quicker than other QA sites as Yahoo Answers is one of the most visited sites of the world.

2. Stack Overflow

Let it be a simple WordPress plugin installation question or a complex programming problem, Stack Overflow is the best place to get the answers of your technology related questions. This is also a very good place to learn new things.

3. Quora

Another very good place to ask qustions and get answers from real peoples. You can sign-up with your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

4.  Answers

One of the best self interpreting domain name, anybody would love to own. Another good place to ask questions and find answers.

5.  Rediff India – Questions and Answers is the best place to ask India related questions and find answers.

6. Allexperts

AllExperts boasts to answer more than 2 million questions and being the oldest and largest free Q & A service.

These are a few most popular and free Q & A sites, however there are many more good sites available for not only General Q&A but dedicated to any particular niche. You only need to Google for Questions and Answers Websites.

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