Manage and Secure Your Sensitive Information With Dashlane

In this modern internet driven world, where devices to access the internet like computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets are increasing and internet based services like Banking, E-commerce portals, data storage are also rising rapidly,  securing your personal and crucial information like User IDs, Passwords, Credit Card information etc. is getting harder and harder, day by day. People with malicious intentions like Hackers and Key loggers are  everywhere, silently waiting for a mistake from your side  and if you are not careful enough, your information may be compromised.

But, if bad people are there, good people are also there. In this article, I am going to share about a website named Dashlane, which offers secure management of your personal information.

Dashlane helps you in storing, changing and sharing all your online passwords among all types of computers, cell phones and tablets. Dashlane can also Autofill any online form, save electronic receipts, send password related alerts, generate strong passwords and much more.

The only thing you need to remember with Dashlane, is your Master Password. Your Master Password is not stored on Dashlane servers and not even on your local computer.

Dashlane is available for FREE with basic features for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android. Premium features are also available for a fee of $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Have a look at Dashlane features by Clicking Here.


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