How to Change Number of Comments Per Page in WordPress Admin Interface

By default WordPress displays 20 ┬ácomments per page in Admin interface. The number may be fine for bloggers who used to log in to their Admin Area regularly on a daily basis to update their comments. But for users who are just part time bloggers and don’f have time to update their blogs daily, the number of 20 ┬ácomments per page may seem insufficient, especially because of comment spam.

Recently, I was away from the internet for a whole week and when I logged back to my WordPress Admin, I found 9500+ spam comments there awaiting for moderation. Now just think, how much time it might have taken of mine If I may have started deleting just 20 comments at a time (as WordPress shows only 20 comments per page, by default).

Fortunately, in newer versions of WordPress, solution to this problem is added as a feature and changing the number of comments or posts per page is as easy as 1,2,3…

Simply log in to your WordPress Admin area and click on Comments. Now look at the Upper right corner of the screen, just below where your name displays (Howdy, Yourname).

.Wordpress Screen Options

You’ll see a button “Screen Options”, as shown in the picture above. Click on this and you’ll see something like the below picture –

Wordpress Screen Options menu

Now change the number ’20’ to your desired number and click on ‘Apply’. You’re done … Yes !

But if you are still running an older version of WordPress, you may not find ‘Screen Options’ to change the number of comments per page. You have to make some editing in edit-comments.php file. You can find this file in the wp-admin folder of your WordPress installation.

Open this file in a text editor and look for the following code –

$comments_per_page = apply_filters(‘comments_per_page’, 20, $comment_status);

Now change the number ’20’ to your desired number and save the file. In the following example I changed it to 100.

$comments_per_page = apply_filters(‘comments_per_page’, 100, $comment_status);

Just save the file and check the comments. Now the number of comments should be your desired number (100 for the above example).


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