Choose A Reliable Web Host For Your Blog / Website

In the success of a blog or website, role of a web hosting company may be considered passive, but it’s always an important factor. You work hard on your site to make it useful  for the users but what the value of your hard work  if your web hosting company’s servers are  slow or even worse, down.

A bad web host can not only ruin your website’s reputation to your users but can affect your site’s search engine rankings also. For those who are familiar with SEO, it’s a well known fact that faster site’s ranked higher in search engines. So why allow a third person to be a barrier in the path of your success, just keep these suggestions in mind and choose your web host wisely.

Try to contact before Signing up

Don’t just get impressed by the attractive website design of any hosting company. Instead try to find out about the people and infrastructure behind the company. Talk to them and try to find out how supportive they are. If you are in the same city, it would not be a bad idea to visit their office. If you can’t visit, try contacting over phone, chat or email. Discuss your queries and if they are not a big multinational like Hostgator, take a chance to bargain. Who knows you could end up with a better deal.

Don’t go for too cheap

Cheaper is not always unreliable but I suggest you to think twice before opting for a low cost hosting  company. Some web hosts hide some important services from their features list and publish cheap rates on their websites to attract the customers. When a customer asks for any such service after signing up,  they demand extra charge for that. And thus the cheap hosting becomes an expensive hosting.

Another drawback of cheap hosting can be poor service. They may have using outdated low end hardware which can result in poor performance. So, be well assured before using them.

Read reviews and user opinions before signing-up

This is a must take step before choosing a hosting company. Do read the reviews and other user opinions on social platforms like hosting blogs and  forums before signing up for a hosting account of any company. You can find reviews of popular web hosting companies by just making a few Google searches.

However, you may encounter some  sponsored or written by the web host itself reviews, but it does not mean that genuine reviews are not available. Just use your common sense to differentiate.

Compare Hosting Plans

Make a list of minimum desired features and requirements, you want to be included in your hosting package like  disk space, bandwidth, hardware, control panel, SSL , IP etc. and then compare hosting plans of different companies based upon them. This will help you to find better features in better price.

I hope these suggestions will be useful to you in finding a good web host. However, the last word, a good web hosting company is the one, which suits you.

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