Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Internet Banking ?

Internet BankingI have been using Internet Banking or Online Banking for a long period and found it very convenient, speedy, efficient and of course, safe as well.  Nowadays, almost all Banks in India, that have a national presence are offering internet Banking facility to their customers but still a large number of customers rely on manual branch Banking. As a proof, you can  see long queues too often in India’s Bank branches on most business days.

For people, who are not computer literate, it’s obvious to go for manual Banking, but many people just hesitate to online banking despite of their computer and internet literacy. I know some of my friends who use internet for email, chat and social networking but whenever it comes to payment of a bill or sending funds to a person in other city, they prefer doing it manually, even if their Bank offers easier internet Banking. They simply waste their valuable time and energy in doing things, they could have been done in a few clicks, sitting at home.

What services internet banking has on offer for you ?

Depending on your Bank, internet banking offers a whole lot of services, you can accomplish sitting at your home. You get real time access to your account to manage your funds. Some most common services are –

  • Funds Transfer – You can easily transfer funds from one account to another across the India using internet banking via NEFT or RTGS.
  • Bill Payment – Why visit electricity, phone or credit card company’s office to pay your bills when you can simply pay by just logging in to your online Bank account ?
  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge – With online banking, you do not need to go anywhere to recharge your prepaid mobile. You can directly pay the recharge amount to your mobile company and get your mobile recharged.
  • Online Shopping – Online shopping is the new way of shopping which is becoming more and more popular these days. Visit any e-store website and shop for the items you need sitting at your home. Then make payment using internet banking facility of your Bank.

There is much more you can do with online banking, just check what your Bank has on offer to you.

Is it safe ?

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) always takes account safety as its primary concern and time by time provides rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of online accounts. Just read and follow them sincerely. Although, you should also follow some basic rules to keep your account safe, like –

  • avoid opening your account on public computers.
  • do not share your account information (username, password) with others.
  • register your mobile number with your Bank to receive instant messages pertaining to your account.
  • follow the guidelines your Bank provides to safeguard your account.

As I said at the starting of this post, I am a long time user of online banking, and never had any problem by just taking some precautions,  which I stated above. You too can enjoy the benefits of internet banking, just contact your Bank customer care and get registered for it, if you haven’t already.

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