Emergency Alert Service launched by Airtel in India

Airtel LogoBharti Airtel recently launched a new service called “Emergency Alert Service” to its customers in India. The service may prove useful in emergency situations, when someone needs help and want to inform his/her family members or friends as quickly as possible.

The subscribers of Emergency Alert Service will be able to send alert message with location details to a predefined group of 10 members, with a single call. The subscriber only need to call 55100 and his/her registered group members will receive voice and text alert message with location details of the subscriber. Alternatively, the subscriber can type “HELP” in the message box and send it to 55100. In case of a natural calamity or disaster, subscribers can also send “SAFE” as message to 55100 to inform his/her group about his/her wellbeing.

Airtel will charge Rs. 30 for 30 days from the customers, who opt for this service. However, after subscribing, the service can be used even if there is no balance in the account.


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