Now buy a branded tablet under Rs. 5000 on Snapdeal

I have a good news for those who have been thinking to buy a tablet for a long time but couldn’t buy due to its high prices. The world renowned brand Lenovo has launched its latest TAB 2 A7-10 tablet, exclusively on online shoppping website Snapdeal. The best thing,

How to remove ‘category’ word from WordPress URLs

After a fresh WordPress installation, you may have changed the permalink structure of your blog to your desired one, under the ‘Settings’ menu of your WordPress admin area. For example, you have selected custom permalink structure  /%category%/%postname%/ and so your post URLs will  look like this – Absolutely

5 Best Android apps to make voice calls free

Just imagine, you have run out of the balance in your mobile and you have to make an urgent call but there is no way to recharge it at that moment ! In such a situation how do you make the call ? Don’t worry if your phone

Google started supporting Adsense on Hindi websites

So, Google has brought a cheer up time for all Hindi content publishers and bloggers. You might not have noticed it yet but it’s true that Google has included India’s favourite language Hindi in the list of Adsense supported languages again. Yes, again, as Hindi was previously an adsense

How to become an online seller in India

Selling products through online marketplaces is the new trend of retailing these days. Gone are the days when you have to just sit at your shop waiting for the customers to come and buy your products. Now you can list your products on e-commerce websites like Amazon,

5 Call forwarding apps for Android smartphones

Just imagine, you’ve come to office and forgot your phone at home ! There may be other similar situations when you are away from your favourite android  smartphone. You might be worried about the incoming calls you can’t attend. But it’s no more a problem if your phone

Easily translate from one language to another using Google

When we want to read something written in a language we don’t understand or want to express something in such a language, we need to translate. For most of us, translation is not that easy but thanks to internet and Google, language will not be a barrier

11 facts about Lok Sabha every Indian should know

Our Parliament is divided into two houses, namely – Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Rajya Sabha is called the upper house while Lok Sabha is known as the lower house of the parliament. The members of Lok sabha are elected directly by people of India for a

Top 10 websites for online shopping in India

Online shopping is not quite new for India, as companies like Rediff and Times has already started selling on the internet around a decade ago. Up to 2010, it was not so popular in India but now online shopping has become a trend in 2014. Many new shopping websites with huge investments launched